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Foam Roses

If you are looking for Foam Roses, which are also touchable, look no further than bulk foam flowers from There’s no doubt that you can’t go without our Artificial Foam Roses, which are sold in bouquets. Meanwhile, our real-touch artificial foam flowers for crafts, which come in a variety of diameters, will add a special touch to your backdrops.

It goes without saying that Rose is a queen of all flowers, which is the main reason why it’s so popular with event planners. With 4 Pack 16" Large Red Real Touch Artificial Foam Craft Roses and 2 Pack 20" Large Lavender Real Touch Artificial Foam Craft Roses create a lovely flower backdrop, make a floriated photo backdrop with multi-sized and multi-colored foam flowers, create a jaw-dropping entrance or passage by accenting your staircase or wedding aisle with dozens of blooming bulk foam flowers, make an exquisite table runner with these 3-D flowers, so pretty!

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