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Green Panels & Mats

Bring spring and summery twist to your dining room experience by spreading this authentic-looking patch of artificial foliage wall. With no hint of smell or dirt, these real artificial leaf panels & artificial greenery panels will always stay this fresh and green, unlike natural grass that wilts and dries after a while.

Our quirky and stunning artificial grass carpet roll is green, clean, and so very gorgeous. Add a whimsical element to an indoor or outdoor floor with our artificial grass carpet roll

Design a lush hedge or shrubbery right in your living room or give your dull walls a fresh natural makeover with our artificial foliage wall. Our heavy duty artificial greenery panels feature dense green, greenery backdrop diy set on sturdy plastic netting with durable fasting press studs to fix many modular panels together and arrange in multiple ways. Flexible and bendable, these artificial grass carpet roll and artificial greenery panels can be cut and shaped in accordance with your designing needs.

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