144 Pcs Royal Blue Wired Rose Flowers For Bridal Bouquet Craft Embellishment

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Quantity: 144 Rose Buds (12 Bunches)
Material: Poly Fabric 
Color: Royal Blue
Height of Flower: 3/4"
Width of Flower: 1/2"
Rose Buds per Bunch: 12
Wire Stem Length: 3"
Cut the tie to have 12 pretty individual Rose Bud Flowers
Widely Used In: Flower Bouquet, Favor Bag Ties, Hair Bow, Hair Accessory, Rose Boutonniere, Craft and DIY Decoration


Wired Rose Flowers

There’s nothing quite like gorgeous mini bouquets made with our pretty rose buds exuding a dreamy flair all around the space. Handcrafted from soft, smooth fabric, these rose buds will make a mesmerizing statement to delight your guests with their charming appeal.


Flowers For Bridal

These rose buds will add a perfect finishing touch to your floral bouquets and crafts ushering a dreamy charm into your space. Be it for a party or home decor, these roses will make everything look so beautiful and chic in a very unique way. Simply flaunt these lovely bunches in small vases or cut the tie to use them as individual stems for accenting bridal bouquets or any other floral arrangement.


Bridal Bouquet Craft

There are so many color combos you can create using these pretty little roses for creating different crafts. Create a mini flower bouquet or a luxurious kissing ball with plenty of these adorable roses imparting a fanciful flair to your décor. Put your artistry to action and add ribbons, pearls, and beads to further augment the charismatic charm of these beautiful roses up a notch.


Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 144 Rose Buds (12 Bunches)
  • Material: Poly Fabric
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Height of Flower: 3/4"
  • Width of Flower: 1/2"
  • Rose Buds per Bunch: 12
  • Wire Stem Length: 3"
  • Cut the tie to have 12 pretty individual Rose Bud Flowers
  • The wire allows you to bend the flowers to any angles and make them the shape that you like
  • Uses: Holiday Crafts, Wedding, Gifts, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Hair bows, Applique, Birthday, Favor, DIY Projects, Table Decoration