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2 Pack 20" Large Lavender Real Touch Artificial Foam Craft Roses

Item Number: FOAM_FLO001_20_LAV

$17.99 Sale Price (Only $8.99 each rose)
$26.09 Retail Price

  • Material- Foam
  • Size- 20"
  • Color- Lavender
  • Quantity- 2pcs/per order
  • Attachment - Tie, Pin & Velcro

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Seal your merry moments with our Bigger, Brighter, and most Beautiful Giant Size Foam Flowers, that won’t wither or wilt, unlike their fresh counterparts, thus continue oozing joy and color for as long as you want.

These large foam flowers are intricately handcrafted by artisans to achieve the appearance of natural flowers. Create a lovely flower backdrop, make a floriated photo backdrop with multi-sized and multi-colored foam flowers, create a jaw dropping entrance or passage by accenting your staircase or wedding aisle with dozens of blooming foam flowers, make an exquisite table runner with these 3-D flowers, so pretty!....The list could be never ending when it comes to embellishing with these fanciful florals.

Additional Info:
  • Material- Foam
  • Size- 20"
  • Color- Lavender
  • Quantity-2 pcs/per order
  • Attachment - Tie, Pin & Velcro

  • Uses - Backdrops, Arch, Aisle and Wall Decorations, Craft, DIY

    Smashed Flowers :
    If you get the flowers smashed during shipping nothing to worry, just fix the bendable wire to their desired positions and your flower blooms
    Remove Wrinkles :
    You can use a steamer to smooth out the wrinkles in few minutes


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