4 Pack | 3" Flower Shaped 12 Multicolor LED Disc Lights With Remote, DIY Centerpiece Accent Light

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  • 1 Pack of 4 LED Lights$5.00 each
  • Case of 3 Packs (Total 12 LED Lights)$4.75 per vase lightSave 5%

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  • White
  • Assorted/Multicolor

Quantity: 4 LED Lights + 24-Button Remotes
Size: 1"
Diameter: 2.75"
Color: 12 Assorted Colors
Total LED: 40
Total # of Remotes: 2
LED Per Light: 10
LED Battery Type: 3x AAA Batteries
Remote Battery Type: 1x 3-Volt CR2025 Battery Cell
Waterproof: Yes
Dual Mode: Fade and Jump
Perfect for Vases, Pool, Fountains, Aquarium, Ice Bucket, Centerpieces


Flower Shaped Multicolor LED Disc Lights

These bright and colorful LED accent lights are perfect for your next party! They feature a variety of color options, so you can choose the one that matches your decor most. These disc lights are ultra-portable and easy to carry around, so you can use them for parties or home decor. These will add a bit of fun and excitement to your gathering. They come in all colors so that they can be used for any occasion. You can use them to light up your event table centerpieces or other decorations. These lights are very suitable for outdoor use to create a great atmosphere.


Super Bright Colorful LED Accent Lights

Our LED multicolor accent lights are a great addition to your event or home decor. They have a unique, decorative floral design with multiple lights that create a charming and decorative look. The flower-shaped head allows you to create even more light. Every end of the LED lights has acrylic edges, causing them to reflect and refract.


Assorted Waterproof LED Lights

Bring color to your home or party with these super bright LED lights. These are lightweight and durable which is perfect for creating a fantastic setup. They are made from high-quality materials, are designed to be versatile, and can enhance the look of just about any style. Give your space a fashionable twist of sophistication and a dazzling look with our waterproof LED lights.


Additional Information:

  • Max Remote Control Range: 3-3.5Ft
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Waterproof (IP68): The rubber O-ring can prevent the water from going inside
  • Led Light Can Be Turned On Or Off By Remote Control
  • Note: Sale is for LED and remote only, additional accessories not included
  • Dimmer Buttons: 7 Levels of Bright/Dim Effect
  • Pattern Types
    • Stationary: One Color ONLY
    • Flash: Sequence of One Color to another
    • Strobe: Gradual Fade Sequence of One Color to another
    • Fade: Transition of One Color to another
    • Smooth: Same as Flash
  • Uses: Wedding, Event, Birthday, Party, Vase Light, Tabletop Decoration

Additional Directions:

(1) LEDs can only be switched on through remote. ***FOR FIRST TIME USE***, remove plastic seal on the batteries in the remote and in the LED; batteries are BRAND NEW and the plastic is there to prevent the batteries power from dissipating
(2) You can remote control the ON/OFF, in addition to changing the light colors, of the LEDs as long as within range.