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6 Cream Lustrous Pearl Sprays Stems Wedding Vase Table Craft DIY Decoration

Item Number: BEAD_7297_CRM

$26.79 Sale Price (Only $4.46 each pearl spray)
$38.85 Retail Price

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  • Measurement : each stem is 23" long
  • Pearl sizes : 10MM + 5MM
  • Material : Imitation pearls
  • Quantity : 6 Pearl Spray Stems per order
  • 6 Branches per Stem w/ approx 15 Pearls per Branch
  • Approx 540 Pearls per order

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There are moments that need extra festivity and celebration to show your utmost jubilancy and exultation. Such special occasions ask for special decorations, gift adornments, and party favor accents. Use our glistening pearl sprays as a craft embellishment to transform any average, dreary item into something super-chic and unique. The possibilities of how to utilize our glossy pearl sprays are endless. Run your creativity wild and craft splendid masterpieces using our eye-catching pearl sprays. Add an elegant splash of color into a floral bouquet by slipping them there, or transform an ordinary gift box into something extravagantly extraordinary by decorating the wrap with these magical sprays. These glinting miracles will instantly enhance the visual appeal of your wedding decorations, bouquets, tables, pew bows, headpieces, party favors and a lot more.

Additional Information:
Measurement: each stem is 23" long
Pearl sizes: 10MM + 5MM
Material: Imitation pearls
Quantity: 6 Pearl Spray Stems per order
6 Branches per Stem w/ approx 15 Pearls per Branch

Uses - Wedding Favor, Party Favor, Birthday, Event, Decoration