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6FT Gold Dazzling Metallic Foil Flower Backdrop

Item Number: BKDP_F01_007

$9.99 Sale Price
$14.49 Retail Price

  • Approximate Size - (6 ft x 6ft)
  • Material: Foil
  • Flower: diameter 10cm
  • Curtain only, backdrop stand sold separately

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Add a huge dose of glimmer and shimmer into your wedding or party background, Photo Booth, entryway or door decoration with our dazzling metallic foil flower garland backdrops. These glistening foil flower backdrops will not only ooze oodles of glitz and glam into your event, but will also serve as a perfect decorative accent for your celebration. The seamless sheen and impeccable luster of these glinting blossoms will create a truly surreal ambiance, exuding a fanciful luminosity of festivity and jubilancy all around. Bring a glamorous twist to your wedding party, shower celebration, birthday bash, anniversary dinner, and other merry occasions with our mesmerizing foil flower backdrop decoration.

Additional Information:

  • Color - Gold
  • Size - 183 x 183cm (6 ft x 6ft)
  • Flower: diameter 10cm
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Photography, Exhibition Decoration
  • Note: curtain only, backdrop stand sold separately



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