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8 Tier Square Heavy Duty Acrylic Glass Cupcake Dessert Stand

Item Number: CAKE_STND_S8

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$130.49 Retail Price

  • Material-High Grade PP(Polypropylene ) Acrylic
  • Height between each Tier: 4"
  • Thickness of each Plate: 4 mm
  • Bottom plate has 4 Rubber legs attached so it does not move by accident

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Improved packing, each plate covered in protective file + bubble wrap to prevent any scratch/ warping.

Bottom plate has 4 rubber legs attached so it does not move by accident

The center tubes are made solid with metal screws, this highly strengths the stand to support heavier items on top, will not wiggle or topple.

This highly durable crystal clear cake stand is modishly been fashioned using clear acrylic plates supported by sturdy centre tubes that are made solid with metal screws to give high strength to the stand for supporting heavier items.For attaining the best standards of quality, the edges of the acrylic are perfectly clear and polished. Every part of the stand has been accurately cut and finished to provide you only the very best for your Big Event! For busy parties and outdoor events, this cake stand is highly suitable, strong breeze or accidental bumping will not wiggle or topple the stand due to heavy duty metal screwed solid centre tubes.

Additional Information

  • Material-True PP Acrylic
  • Measurement- 1pcs of 20x20" Plate
  • 1pcs of 18x18" Plate
  • 1pcs of 16x16" Plate
  • 1pcs of 14x14" Plate
  • 1pcs of 12x12" Plate
  • 1pcs of 10x10" Plate
  • 1pcs of 8x8" Plate
  • 1pcs of 6x6" Plate
  • Height between each tier: 4"
  • Thickness of bottom Plate: 5mm
  • Thickness of other Plates: 4mm

Based on Standard 2" Cupcakes Hold Approx:

  • 4 Tier Round: 61
  • 5 Tier Round: 95
  • 6 Tier Round: 139
  • 7 Tier Round: 195
  • 8 Tier Round: 273
  • 4 Tier Square: 85
  • 5 Tier Square: 133
  • 6 Tier Square: 197
  • 7 Tier Square: 277
  • 8 Tier Square: 377

Please note these are approx figures, there are not specific spacing on the stand, so how many can fit depends on the size of the cupcakes, how it's spaced out, and whether if it's suitable to use all tiers under certain wind conditions. This set is not meant for full sized cakes, cupcakes only.

  • Uses : Birthday, Wedding, Party, Cake Decoration

Before Use: Please remove the protective film to reveal the Clear Acrylic Glass!

Remove Protective Film


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