10 Spring Wedding Color Schemes That Will Make Your Special Day Blossom

10 Spring Wedding Color Schemes That Will Make Your Special Day Blossom


Are you getting ready for your special day, this spring season? If so, it's time to start thinking about your wedding colors. After all, a spring wedding requires a color palette that reflects the beauty of nature and captures the freshness of a new season. With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 of the most beautiful and inspiring spring wedding color schemes that will fill your special day with warmth and sunshine! From pastel combos to bold hues, these ideas are sure to help you curate the wedding color story of your dreams. So get inspired, take notes, and make your event absolutely unforgettable by creating a design palette that is uniquely yours!

1. Pink And Gold

A wedding with a pink and gold color story is sure to be an unforgettable event. The pink represents the blooming of the flowers, while the gold symbolizes the warmth of the sun bringing a sense of grandeur and elegance. The perfect wedding venue to really bring this color scheme to life would be a garden wedding - buy bulk wedding decor in these colors from efavormart for a truly stunning effect. Soft pinks and shiny golds would add a romantic ambiance to the day, ensuring that all your guests feel the love on your special day. Think a metallic gold wedding arch stand bedecked with a beautiful mix of blush pink roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and peonies for the ceremony and grace the reception tables with stunning gold metal floral vases holding the same floral bouquets — a truly majestic sight!

pink and gold wedding color scheme

2. Yellow And Green

If you are looking for wedding colors inspired by nature, then yellow and green make the perfect wedding palette. Imagine lush sage green accents on a gentle yellow background. This light and airy wedding color scheme will be sure to add a beautiful touch of spring sunshine to any wedding venue. It could range from classic shades of lemon and lime, bright dandelion yellows, or even rich emerald tones perfectly mixed with luscious touches of gold. This wedding palette conveys a sense of joy, new life, and growth - perfect for a nature-themed wedding! You can lace your wedding arch with a yellow organza drapery fabric and organza ribbons and adorn it with a gorgeous bunch of green foliage stems. Also, draping cascading greenery vines along the middle of your head table and adding yellow daisy stems to your table settings will surely add warmth to your spring wedding decor!

yellow and green wedding bouquet

3. Orange And Blue

Orange and blue are complementary colors that create a beautiful contrast. And when it comes to spring wedding decor, these two colors make an unbeatable combination! The bright oranges coupled with the breezy blues bring a feeling of nostalgia for beach and tropical getaways. Adding this color scheme to your wedding venue can instantly create an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for celebrating your special day and will make your wedding guests want to stay all night! If you're looking for wholesale wedding decor in popping orange and blue hues, we’ve got the perfect selection of table linens, chair covers, and other wedding stuff that’ll help you give life to this vibrant color palette!   

orange and blue spring wedding colors

4. Purple And Silver

Purple and silver are regal colors that will give your spring wedding an air of sophistication. And when combined together, these colors create an atmosphere of formality, making it perfect for posh wedding celebrations!  Plus, there is a wide variety of wedding stuff that you can easily find in these classically chic colors at our online store. From bulk wedding decor like charger plates, table runners, and opulent table centerpieces to romantic accents like artificial flowers floating in silver pedestal bowl vases with delicate silver ribbons tied around the bases- possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding decorations in purple and silver!

purple and silver wedding color scheme

5. Red And White

Red and white are classic colors that will never go out of style. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look, this classic combination will make your wedding unforgettable. To really bring out the vibrancy of red and white, why not use it in decor items like chairs, mason jars with red flowers, vintage centerpieces, and red and white gingham tablecloths? For a fun spring wedding twist on the theme, you can add pops of greenery around the reception area to contrast against the color scheme -- just be sure to keep it tasteful so as to not overwhelm your guests. With some creativity and planning, you can easily transform your wedding into an amazing red and white affair.

red and white wedding ceremony arch decor

6. Blush And Dusty Blue

If you're looking for wedding colors that are fresh and unique, why not try blush and dusty blue? This combination is perfect for a wedding in the springtime; think floral arrangements of soft pink, dusty blue, and dusty pinks in cascading bouquets, as well as smaller decorations featuring pastel colored macarons or cupcakes. You could also add a festive twist to your wedding with paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling in complementary shades of sky blue, silver grey, and blush pink, and pair them with blush wedding balloons! When it comes to wholesale wedding decor for a blush and dusty blue color scheme, no one has a better collection than us! Just remember to tailor everything to create an atmosphere that celebrates your love story.

blush and dusty blue wedding arch decorations

7. Black And White

A wedding in black and white is a timeless classic that is perfect for a formal, or even an extravagant wedding. For the special day, take your wedding colors to the next level with creative decor ideas that create a spring wedding look. Swagging sheer white fabric drapes on the ceilings can draw focus to areas where you want attention, while layering dotted or striped black and white tablecloths will add depth to your tablescapes. Add some pops of color through accents like artificial flowers, centerpieces, tableware, and more. Brighten up the room with white and black balloon archways and paper flowers while adding hints of gold here and there for a playful touch of whimsy that will really make your wedding come alive!

black and white wedding head table

8. Gold And Ivory

For wedding couples looking to create an atmosphere of extravagant luxury, gold and ivory is the perfect wedding color combination. From stunning ivory table covers layered with shimmering gold sequin table overlays and runners to metallic details in furniture and flowers, this wedding palette can bring a heightened level of refinement to any special occasion. Also, consider small touches such as pearl beads or crystal accents that will reflect light and add subtle luster. Gold and ivory is an ideal look for a spring wedding; consider arranging white blooms accented with pops of golden sprays on metal stand centerpieces, or put your wedding cake on top of a gold crystal beaded cake stand! The possibilities are truly endless when creating an event around gold and ivory.

gold and ivory wedding ceremony decor

9.  Pink And Sage Green

If you love sage and have been looking for an answer to the question: what colors go with sage green for a wedding, then look no further than pink! A timeless color scheme, pink and sage green is perfect for a romantic garden wedding. Get creative with your decor; think peonies, roses, and lavender in shades of both colors, or create a stunning backdrop of fabrics combined with cascading greenery vines. You can add special touches like gold Calligraphy on paper decorations and beautiful satin ribbons to give your look an extra dose of elegance. With this spring palette as inspiration, your guests will be sure to remember your special day for years to come, not to mention both of these fresh colors will make your wedding photos pop.

pink and sage green wedding arch

10.  Yellow And Charcoal Gray

A yellow and charcoal gray wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day with a brilliant pop of color. As the perfect combination of sunshine and sophistication, it's no wonder that these colors are so popular for wedding ceremonies! Consider getting bulk wedding decor supplies from efavormart in this bright colorway — think about fun pom-poms, hanging decor items, paper pinwheels, and more. Perfect for a modern spring wedding— use these hues to make a lasting statement on your special day. After all, having an unforgettable wedding decor is just as important as saying 'I do'!

yellow and charcoal gray wedding color scheme

Spring is the perfect time to get creative when it comes to wedding decor. The colors of this season are so vibrant and full of life, and with just a little bit of inspiration, you can come up with something truly one-of-a-kind. Along with choosing the perfect wedding colors, don't forget to consider the wedding dress codes. Whether you opt for a formal black-tie affair or a more casual garden party vibe, ensuring that your guests know what to wear will help set the tone for your celebration. We hope that these ideas have inspired you to create the perfect spring nuptials for you and your guests! Be sure to let us know how our blog has helped you in the comments section below, and if you've come up with something unique for your ceremony, we'd love to hear about it as well!