How Much Should A Tablecloth Hang Over?

How Much Should A Tablecloth Hang Over?


A tablecloth is no doubt the most important element of any tablescape. It not only helps protect the table from damage but also adds refined elegance and grace to the entire setup. Whether you want to spruce up a casual weekend breakfast or dinner table or you’re hosting a formal event, table linens can transform your plain and boring tables into riveting focal points. But when it comes to choosing the perfect table cover for your table, there are several factors that need to be considered to make the right choice. While most people choose table linens based on style, design and material, the size of the cover and overhang plays a huge role in setting the tone for the event as well. So, how much should a tablecloth hang over? Well, it depends on the formality of the event, ambiance, and table dimensions. Read on and find out what are the ideal drop lengths for different kinds of events.


The drop of the table cover can create a casual or formal mood, just like the dress code for an event can exhibit a relaxed or classy vibe. Thus, when it comes to event design, it is important to select linens that give the perfect overhang to appropriately dress up the tables for the right ambiance.

Casual Gatherings

Traditionally, half drops are perfect for dining rooms, kitchen tables and casual parties that have a laid-back, relaxed ambiance. A half or short drop is the length of the tablecloth that hangs over the side of the table but doesn’t reach the floor. But the required tablecloth size depends on the table dimensions. Thus, we offer a variety of sizes for round, rectangle, and square tablecloths to help you achieve the perfect drape regardless of the shape of your table.

Formal Events & Occasions

For events that are more formal in nature such as weddings, galas, or corporate events, it is recommended that your table linens touch the floor. A full drop length not only brings grace and elegance to your setup but also covers those unsightly table legs adding a posh look to your event decor. Our 90x132" rectangle and 120" round tablecloths are ideal to achieve a full drop on standard banquet tables.

However, if you’re after an even more extravagant and lavish appeal, go for a puddle drop that extends beyond the height of the table creating a puddle on the floor. Puddle drop lengths are a trendy yet luxurious option for gift tables, cake tables or reception card tables where the excess cloth won’t trip up the guests. Use table linens with flowy fabric material such as satin or velvet tablecloths that drape well and create luxurious folds when puddled on the floor. We offer 132" round and 90x156" rectangle tablecloths which can be either used to fully cover large tables or to achieve a lavish puddle drop on special tables.

Though a tablecloth is probably one of those decor accessories that is often overlooked when designing an event, it definitely holds the power to turn the tables. We hope this blog has helped you learn about drop lengths that are suitable for different events. Browse through our amazing collection of tablecloths and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!