Meet Our New Arrivals: Stunning Collection of Curtains

Meet Our New Arrivals: Stunning Collection of Curtains


Every interior designer will tell you that good décor is all about details. They will also tell you that curtains are among those significant details that work miracles to any space. Our new collection of curtains & curtain stand will not just pull your décor together but inspire you to throw a party even if there’s no occasion ahead. Read on if intrigued.

Blackout & Soundproof Curtains

Do you know how to save money and time for sleep at the same time? Meet our stunning collection of blackout & soundproof curtains. Due to their triple weave construction, these fabulous brainchildren of innovation will save you and your furniture from harmful UV rays and awakening sunlight (a good option for those who work at night).

Moreover, their thick fabric not only blocks out noise from street but insulates against heat and cold so that your energy bills become even more wallet-friendly. Despite such “non-elegant” properties, these curtains have nothing to do with boring thick single-color pieces of cloth but come in different materials, colors, sizes, and patterns to suit any taste and décor.

Sheer Organza & Faux Linen Curtain Panels

If sounds from outside and extreme sunlight don’t bother you but certain secrecy still matters, our sheer organza curtains will cover your bases. The delicate structure of organza will let the sufficient amount of light and air in your surroundings without making you too visible to every Nosey Parker on the street.

If Nosey Parker is still aware of your pajamas’ color, faux linen printed curtains will bring you even more privacy without blocking sunlight.

Sequin & Big Payette Curtains

Entertain your make-selfie-everywhere guests with jazz-inspired photo backgrounds and backdrops. Our sequin curtains will cater to your entertaining needs. Thousands of glitzy rounds are delicately stitched atop the mesh fabric to emanate festive shimmering all around.

No events on the agenda? Pop up your interior with these cute sparklies! They will be a perfect addition to your window treatment or French door - semi-sheer fabric will let enough sunlight in yet making your interior almost invisible from outside.

Fire Retardant Curtains

Little kids playing around 24-7? Smoke indoors? Even if not, there are thousands of other reasons for your home to flame up. Our sheer organza fire retardant curtains curtains will not only bring the delicate touch of sophistication and elegance but will take care of you and your special ones. 

When it comes to events, fire resistant fabrics are a must. Luckily, our organza and fire retardant curtains are also applicable to wedding venues, photo booths, event backdrops, and wherever you find them useful.

Looking for the ultimate sheerness? This delicate yet fire-proof lace panel is your remedy.

Burlap Curtain Panels

Plastic is fantastic, but sooner or later, everyone strives to escape from this artificial fantasy. No surprise, modern folks crave for more nature in their everyday, which results in various eco-friendly trends. Whether you are among those escapists or just want to harmonize your interior, our eco-friendly burlap rustic panels will balance any surroundings with rustic yet modern flair. Check for yourself!

Acrylic Curtains

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Our acrylic curtains are a sure-fire way to quench your glamour thirst. Incorporate them into your big event and make the partygoers buzz about it for the next several months. If paired with lighting, they’ll resemble thousands of tiny frozen water drops. Monroe couldn’t resist the itch to steal this diamond-inspired crystal-clear acrylic curtain from your party.

Party is over? Bring this bedazzling shimmer home.

LED & String Tassels

Winter holidays are away but you still miss the magic of string lights? Light your parties up with our LED tassels. Yes, it’s not a joke – thousands of LEDs are delicately stitched into a sheer fabric to create an utmost mesmerizing effect.

Got bored with your space? Look no further our collection of string tassels. These soft-on-touch darlings will spruce up any décor with rainbow-inspired color palette. Their fringe-like structure will give you tons of ideas of how to stylize these lovely strings. Pair them with LED lights, balloons, or banners to make your party pop.

These are only a few pickings of our new arrivals. Interested? Don't forget to take our curtain stand into consideration and browse more using links below:

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