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Lace & Jute Curtains

Do you believe that country charm and contemporary feel are two completely different worlds?  At efavormart, you can effortlessly unite the two with our jute curtains.

Despite the unique sturdy texture of natural jute, these semi-sheer drapes will allow ample natural light into your space without compromising your privacy. With a variety of lengths, from 64 to 108 inches long, our natural jute curtains will make a fabulous focal point out of any space.  For example, if you need something really country-inspired, our eco-friendly burlap panels are an excellent choice.

If you are looking for something opposed to our sturdy natural jute curtains, you can dress up your interior or party backdrops with our delicate, while still fire-resistant, lace curtains.  Available in four colors, our lace panels will offer airy ambiance and translucent beauty to any space.  To make your home décor (or party space) a bit more voguish, our fire-retardant sheer lace-premium panel is exactly what you need.

Whichever curtains you choose, feel free to style them with lovely ribbons and other matching accessories from efavormart.  And as a cherry on top, all our burlap and lace curtains are equipped with neat rod pockets to facilitate effortless mobility. To learn more about these drapes, check out our full collection of jute and lace panels! 

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