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Three Mother-Approved Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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The second Sunday of May is just a couple of weeks away, meaning that we are headed into Mother’s Day weekend. Still don’t know how to honor your mother (read: your children’s mother / your step-mom / your pregnant daughter) this year? Don’t fret. Lucky for you, we’ve put your worries to rest with these cherry-picked ideas.

Mom-osa bar

Nothing says celebrations like a mimosa bar. If your mother has a thing for fancy cocktails, why not to make a “mom-osa” bar for her? It is not just easy to set up but also lets your guests make drinks by themselves, meaning that…yes, you won’t spend all the time blending drinks in the kitchen. Isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for? If yes, keep on reading.

To set up a simple mimosa bar, you’ll need champagne, fruit juice, fruit, champagne flutes, pitchers, tiny bowls for fruit, chalk board labels, cake stands, paper straws  (optional), and decorations. In order to prevent your guests from asking you to make mimosas for them, provide a chalkboard sign with instructions. Keep in mind that a traditional mimosa cocktail consists of champagne, juice (a 1:1 ratio of bubbly to juice), and fruit on the top.

Regarding the best bubbly for this drink, it really all comes down to personal preference. Love sweet drinks? Choose a sweet Prosecco to complement the already sweet juice. If uber-sweet cocktails are not your thing, look no further than a dry sparkling wine. Since your guests’ tastes may differ, serve several varieties of champagne. Likewise, provide different kinds of juice (not everyone loves that sweet-but-tart orange juice) to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

As for the decorations, you can craft a spring-inspired (and budget-friendly!) DIY backdrop using our captivating selection of giant paper flowers, flower backdrop wall panels, festive pom poms, and assorted ribbons, to name just a few. To turn your mimosa bar setting into a dream-like island (and hide those lanky table legs!), you can choose from our selection of tableskirts!

Sunshine-drenched feast

According to loving husbands and sons, a simple outdoor picnic brunch is always a no-fail gift, especially, when it comes to Mother’s Day. To make this happen, all you need is a sunny spring day, lovely picnic blanket, no less lovely flowers, and some quick breakfast food. You can make it even more inviting if you grab a couple of comfy pillows!

As for the menu, keep it easy (yet delicious!). To this end, dads usually opt for muffins, juice, fruit, and a dessert – no cooking required! Of course, it’s a plus if you do all the cooking yourself. However, if you’re short on time or cooking isn’t exactly what you’re good at, don’t go for it. Whatever you come up with, make your yummies even more appetizing with our stylish yet practical and affordable flatware, plates, and glasses, paying particular attention to our fancy pennant flag toothpicks!

To transform your Mother’s Day brunch into a feast for eyes as well, enhance the visual appeal of your lovely spread with flowers. If your mother loves fresh-cut blooms, go to your local store and buy a couple of bunches to make DIY floral arrangements. Alternatively, you can treat your special woman to a timeless beauty of silk, paper, or real-touch foam flowers so that she can take them home as keepsakes after the brunch is over.

Send her a gift

Can’t be with your extra-special lady on a Mother’s Day? Show her some love and appreciation with a heart-warming DIY gift. For example, you can craft a photo album packed with old memories. For this, use pictures that she hasn’t seen in a long time and she’ll appreciate the gesture. At the same time, avoid snatching the photos out of frames in her bedroom. Include quotes, tickets, or old receipts as well. Don’t forget to decorate the album with fancy handmade florals.

If you’re not a jack-of-all-trades, you can gather a handful of smaller gifts – everything from flower seeds to SPA certificates will do. Can’t wrap your head around packaging? Take a look at our lovely favor boxes and bags.  

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