What Kind Of Material Are Tablecloths Made Of?

What Kind Of Material Are Tablecloths Made Of?


Whether you are orchestrating an upscale event, a casual brunch, or simply want to give a refreshing makeover to your drab tables; dress them up with perfect tablecloth. While choosing tablecloth, the fabric matters a lot, as these table linens are manufactured in a variety of different materials, for instance, polyester, satin, burlap, spandex, cotton, sequin, vinyl, organza, & lace. Before picking up the tablecloth, get to know about, ‘What kind of material are tablecloths made of?’ as each fabric is different with different qualities. Select the one that fulfills the purpose of your need, as some table linens are for casual use while others are for formal events. If you have a little knowledge about the tablecloth material, fret not! We have listed some key pointers that will surely give you a clear understanding of what kind of material are tablecloths made of, so you choose the one that your event demands. Read along and learn!


Polyester Tablecloth!

If you’re looking for something practical, budget-friendly, and extremely classy, choose from our large collection of polyester tablecloths. Unlike many fabrics that start to fade with repeated washings, our 100% polyester tablecloths are made chemically from fiber and produce deep, bright colors that are easy to care. These fancy tablecloths are extremely durable, have stain & wrinkle resistant properties, easy to clean and launder, and look smooth with just some minor ironing. Our checkered gingham polyester tablecloths will suit your picnics and farmhouse events. Whether you are looking to exude a posh appeal or you just want to conceal the old and drab table legs, you can always rely on our exclusive collection of square polyester tablecloths, rectangle, & round tablecloths that will flawlessly blend with any theme and last more than one event.

Satin Tablecloth!

If you want to drape your tables with seamless sheen, choose from our collection of satin tablecloths that will give a rich, glamorous presence, and bedazzle even the most discerning invitees. Satin table cover is manufactured from high luster fabric that can be made from silk or synthetic materials like polyester but with an even more glossy appeal. With wrinkle & stain resistant properties these table linens are sturdy but to keep up their look, they do require care and maintenance, so it is advisable to wash them on a delicate cycle. For something extra stylish, discover our stripe satin tablecloth and rosette satin tablecloths and let these lustrous table linens impart radiance and a stunning gleaming allure to your tabletops.

Sequin Tablecloth!

Give your tables a rich, glamorous presence by opting for sequin tablecloths and let the jazzy appeal of these fancy tablecloths transform an ordinary gathering into a sparkly extravaganza. Covered with shiny round sequins, sequin tablecloth is neatly stitched without leaving any gap to ensure no piece of cloth is left out. Our budget-friendly, cheap table linens are a perfect choice for your bridal tables, banquet tables, head tables, cake tables, and guest tables.

Burlap Tablecloth!

Attain that perfect rustic look with burlap table cover and augment the harmony of nature in your décor. The lovely textural appeal of our burlap tablecloths emulates the look and feel of burlap linen that’ll add rustic flair to your tablescape. Washing and caring these fancy tablecloths is easier as they require spot cleaning and steam ironing, whereas machine washing will damage their texture. The unique smell that this table linen gives is an indication of its 100% authentic burlap material.

Velvet Tablecloth!

If you want to give your tablescapes more luxurious and charming appeal, choose velvet tablecloth and let the royal luster coupled with the soft velvety texture of this material enticingly accentuate your tables. Crafted from premium quality polyester with lush velvet weave, our velvet fancy tablecloths impart soft, textured feel with a sheen finish.

Spandex Tablecloth!

Dress your tables in a dreamy dazzling way with spandex tablecloth that is made from high-quality Lycra. The stretchable material of this stylish table cover expands effortlessly, adjusting to the size of the table that you wish to drape. We offer our cocktail spandex tablecloth, metallic spandex tablecloths, glittered spandex cocktail tablecloth, and spandex cocktail tabletop stretch tablecloth that are affordable, durable, and wrinkle-free, meaning that you can use them again and again without ironing!


We hope that this blog post has given you a vision of what kind of material are tablecloths made of, and by browsing through our online store you can get highly exceptional & affordable tablecloths that are available in square, round, and rectangular shapes, shades, and sleek seamless designs. So don’t forget to check them out and do let us know how you find them. Looking forward to your comments in the box below!