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Hanging Floral Garland


Looking for garlands to decorate any space for special occasions or to just make every day more special? EFavormart has a wide range of beautiful flower garlands, eucalyptus garlands, artificial marigold flower garland and many more. Browse through our selection of vines, honeysuckle, hanging garland on wall and more. We have natural garlands and these garlands are made of silk, faux cotton, organza... even pearls! We give you high quality products at low prices with our price match guarantee. All items are packed carefully and are guaranteed to arrive at your home or place of work in excellent condition.

Decorate your home or next special event with help from an artificial marigold flower garland. These synthetic florals are sure to brighten up the arrangement on your dining room table to marriage hall or give some extra life to your fireplace mantle. A great choice for those who want long lasting, low maintenance florals.

Each floral garlands for weddings measures 6 feet long and features many opening flowers and greenery leaves. These garlands are offered in a few brilliant colors: white, cream, ivory and lavender. The flowers have a very realistic appearance. There is plenty of greenery surrounding the flowers. The stem system for the garland is made from plastic, making it easy to bend and shape.

Hydrangea garlands are perfect for creating synthetic floral arrangements because of their convincing aesthetic quality. A popular choice for wedding planners and DIY brides for their versatility and relatively zero maintenance. Be sure to check out our large selection of Synthetic Flowers, if these hydrangea garlands aren’t the right fit.We offer our hanging garlands for wedding purpose at everyday low prices, that are available to all customers. Let artificial flower garland wholesale Flowers be your one stop shop for everything floral.

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