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Brighten up your celebrations and make every occasion look great with our Bling Bling Stickers Wholesale. Our rhinestone number stickers and rhinestone number cake topper say it all, whether it is for your birthday, anniversary or a number, do not let the importance of that digit fade easily. Let it shine and shine like the glow of your festive joy! Pair these shimmering numbers with our shiny rhinestone cake topper letters and other diamond accent accessories to create a perfectly shiny party space. Premium quality rhinestones are polished on a shiny base to enhance the flicker effect.

Following this numerical beauty, add our large foam sheets for crafts that are perfect for the DIY Enthusiast to the Crafty Queen. These metallic 2mm foam sheets are easy to work with and lightweight, making them ideal for a variety of home and school projects. You can easily cut them into any shape what you want! Glossy surface on one side and matte foam surface on the other, these decorative thick foam sheets craft are great for various purposes such as scrap-booking, card making, jewelry, photo frames, door hangers, bookmarks, home decor items and much more.

You can personalize these foam sheets with additional wedding favor tags cheap at wholesale prices or whatever tickles your fancy desire at

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