Why Use Centerpieces

Centerpieces Are A Critical Part Of Event Decor

Though sometimes overlooked by party planners and wedding organizers, the significance of Centerpieces in augmenting the decor of the table and overall event cannot be ignored. As the name suggests, centerpieces are the accent pieces that appear at the middle of the tables in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, and even commercial events. 

Whether you are arranging a wedding, dinner, holiday event, or professional conference, you are sure to take heed of your banquet or party tables’ décor, since your guests will be spending most of their time on the designated tables. Whatever is found at the center of the table is meant to draw attention and make a statement.

It’s unquestionable, Table Centerpieces are important! It helps set the theme of the decoration and bring an air of festive elegance to your event’s ambiance. Like to know how? Read on and learn the reasons why party centerpieces are undeniable decoration elements and what role they play in adding oodles of celebratory oomph to your special occasions.

dinner banquet with white tablecloth and flower centerpiece
1). Enhance the Elegance of Plain Tables and Tablecloths

A gorgeous wedding centerpiece on a table will augment the attraction of the table tremendously, making it look more fun and festive. Whether you choose an elaborate or a simple centerpiece, this accent piece is sure to liven up the room around it. Tables without centerpieces look bare and boring, but with simple flower centerpieces, the same table will have a look of sophisticated urbanity and refined aesthetics.

Floral centerpieces can transform a plain wooden table into a colorful and cheerful banquet, just as similarly a floating candle centerpiece with glowing submersible floating candles will give the dull tablecloths a whimsical warm look and an exotic elegance.

outdoor theme banquet table with white tablecloth

2). Showcase Tables With A Welcoming And Inviting Feel

Unattractive and lackluster tables tend to temper guests’ interest and comfort levels. With a vibrant and Elegant Centerpiece in front of their eyes, they will get that warm welcoming feel, and will enjoy their time celebrating your big day with them. Moreover, unlike bare tables and plain table linens, table with a unique wedding centerpiece in the middle will impress your guests with the efforts and hard work you have put into making their stay comfortable and enjoyable.  

purple themed table setting with candle centerpieces

3). Serves As An Ice Breaker

Besides being a spectacle to behold, a centerpiece can help serve as an ice breaker for guests who have been assigned to sit together. With intriguing and creative Unique Centerpieces on the table, guests will find it enjoyable to engage in an effortless conversation discussing different designing and thematic aspects of your wedding table centerpiece.

We at efavormart are proud of our amazing selection of creative and whimsical DIY Centerpieces that will surely indulge your guests into deep discussions about the idea behind these masterpieces. Stunning Manzanita Trees Centerpieces with Acrylic Crystal Garlands dangling enchantingly will take your event or dessert table décor to the next level of elegance.  Our Natural Wooden Candle Centerpieces and Rustic Wooden Centerpieces will mesmerize your guests with their intricate construction and hand crafted designs. The glamorous Crystal Candle Centerpieces and Glass Centerpieces Vases will add a regal flair to the tablescape, making your guests feel highly prestigious and esteemed.

long banquet table with white tablecloth and flower centerpieces

4). Set the Theme and Mood for an Event

Inexpensive centerpieces
are a great tool to create the perfect celebratory mood and motif of the celebration. You can create a charismatically correlated party ambiance by tying all the decorative elements of your event together with an awe-inspiring centerpiece that matches with the rest of the party décor and theme of the event.  For example, if there is an upcoming wedding that demands glitz and glam; you can incorporate our Smoked Glass Centerpieces and ornate Metal Centerpieces with glistening satin and Rosette Table Linens and baroque tableware. For a beach theme or ocean inspired wedding, fill our Clear Vases or Terrariums with Natural Sand Vase Fillers and Natural Seashell Décor Fillers to make one of a kind nautical centerpiece. Give your country weddings and nature theme events a boost of natural beauty with our Natural Preserved Moss Decorations and Wooden Decorations like Wood Slices Centerpiece Holder, Wooden Candle Holders and Wooden Box Centerpieces.

purple themed event with candle centerpieces

5). Easy and Efficient Way to Spruce up any Event

The best thing about centerpieces is that they can be created easily with almost anything. There’s nothing that says centerpieces has to be complex to work! As long as it harmonizes with the theme of the event, there will be no problem using it. Moreover, a thoughtfully picked centerpiece can serve its purpose; depending on the occasion. For example, if the event is in a dimly lit location, having a bowl of water with lit floating candles on it can be a great help.

Banquet table with tablecloth and glass flower vase

6). Easy To Add Personalized Touches

A centerpiece reflects personal taste and the aesthetic expertise of the host.  You can make a gorgeous centerpieces with almost anything and everything, depending on your personal decoration style. For example, if your love greenery and want it to be a staple décor element at your special event, our Natural Moss Planters, Succulents, and Greenery Garlands will be perfect. For nature-inspired party planners, efavormart offers an extensive range of natural decoration supplies ranging from Wooden Slice Centerpiece and rustic wood centerpieces, to Natural Pebble Rocks and Pine Cone Assortments. For French style decoration options, opt for our glamorous line of Eiffel Tower Centerpieces and Vases. Such stunning DIY table centerpieces are easy to create and cost little. With your personal touch, you can create one of a kind centerpieces for every table.

banquet table with tablecloths and glass flower vase centerpiece

Are you still wondering if centerpieces are really necessary? We certainly hope not! These significant benefits of adding party centerpieces and the magic they add are enough to convince you on opting for beautiful table accents for your next event. For further guidance on choosing a perfect centerpiece for your upcoming event, check out our Centerpiece category and start creating your perfect centerpiece of your dreams!