DIY Guide: Creating Your Own Wedding Floral Arrangements

DIY Guide: Creating Your Own Wedding Floral Arrangements


Your wedding day is a special occasion and you want it to be perfect. So, creating your own wedding flower arrangements can be an incredibly rewarding and cost-effective way to make sure that your big day is as beautiful and unique as you had dreamt. With our comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with everything you need to know about DIY flower arrangements. From selecting the perfect blooms to arranging them in a visually appealing manner, we've got it all covered! We'll also share tips on preserving your creations so they last through the big day. Whether you're looking for stylish centerpieces or romantic bouquets, this guide will help make creating your own wedding floral decorations easy and affordable. Get ready to say "I do" with beautiful DIY wedding flowers that capture the beauty of your special day.

Pick The Right Flowers

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s so much to consider — from the dress to the cake, that sometimes it can be easy to overlook one of the most important elements - flowers! It is important to pick out just the right combination of flowers for your big day, as well as look for specific flowers that work best for flower arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other decorations to create a one-of-a-kind floral display for your big day! You can also consider selecting artificial flowers which can help you save money by not having to replace them every day or after each event or ceremony. Here’s a look at what kind of blooms work best in different situations!

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DIY Flower Arrangements

One flower that always looks beautiful in an arrangement is roses – whether you choose long-stemmed classic red roses or mini spray roses in shades of pink. Baby’s breath adds texture when combined with any type of rose and gives your arrangement an airy look.

rose bouquet

Another great choice is lilies – they come in many colors and sizes and will really make your floral arrangements stand out. If you’re looking for something different, try adding dahlias or sunflowers – both of these bold blooms have a unique look that will look stunning against a backdrop of lighter colored flowers like white daisies or lilacs.

lily bridal bouquet


Centerpieces are often the main focal point at weddings – so think about which flowers will pop against your table linens for maximum impact! For rustic weddings with burlap accents, mason jars filled with wildflowers like purple thistle or bluebells create a natural yet chic look that won’t take away from the beauty of your table settings. For more traditional weddings, cascading centerpieces made up of white hydrangeas and blush roses make an elegant statement without being too overbearing.

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As far as bouquets go, there are endless combinations that can be created with different types of blooms; however, if you want something timelessly romantic try using peonies mixed with ranunculus or calla lilies in shades of pink and ivory - this combination creates a classic yet modern look without being too fussy.

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Boutonnieres & Other Decorations

Boutonnieres add a special touch to a groom’s outfit on his big day - think about incorporating herbs into these small accents for added texture and color! Rosemary is a herb that works well as a boutonniere but also looks great when used in centerpieces too! Some other herbs - such as lavender - are perfect for making corsages or even just used as filler in larger flower arrangements. Adding succulents to your decorations is another way to add texture; these plants come in myriad shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one (or several!) that match the overall color scheme of your wedding day decor! 


Get Creative With Your Flower Arrangement

For those brides-to-be who are feeling creative or looking to save some money on their wedding budget, DIY flower arrangements are a great option. Think of interesting color combinations, and pick blooms that have some depth and texture; this will add dimension to your bouquet, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Additionally, when creating flower arrangements from scratch try to select flowers that are in season, as these can bring bigger savings and be easier for you to source locally in bulk. If there are certain flower types that are out of season then look for realistic looking fake flowers at efavormart to create an interesting mix. To kick off your creativity, here are some inspiring ways to arrange your wedding flowers on a budget.

  1. Cascading

A cascading bouquet is a beautiful and unique way to arrange wedding flowers. This type of arrangement features flowers that cascade down from the top, creating a stunning and elegant look. A cascading wedding bouquet is also an eye-catching modern take on the traditional bridal bouquet. To create a truly luminous look, try incorporating exotic flowers like orchids, proteas, and dahlias in a rainbow of vibrant hues. For something extra special, think about adding lush greenery in tall cascading sections or creating a plush wedding flower garland. You can even extend the cascading flower look with matching centerpieces and arrangements for your reception tables. A cascading flower arrangement will certainly add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your special occasion.

cascading flower bouquet

  1. Sunburst

A sunburst bouquet features a large center flower surrounded by smaller blooms, giving the appearance of a sunburst. It is perfect for a summertime wedding and you can combine some key blooms each of them signifying something special. As the center of attention, select one large flower that really stands out – such as a statement peony or a bright sunflower. Then accentuate this beauty with smaller blooms of course – from dainty daisies to fragrant lavender – giving off the appearance of a sunburst. You can also use the same combination of flowers for other arrangements, like centerpieces and table accents. With careful planning and creativity, you can make your sunburst flower arrangement come to life!

sunburst flower bouquet

  1. Teardrop

A teardrop bouquet is an absolutely stunning way to showcase your wedding flowers and create a unique bridal look. Popular blooms for this style include roses, calla lilies, and stephanotis. Be sure to mix in complementary greenery and dramatic fillers like white gypsophila. An interesting design technique is to construct ivory rose and greenery trails, cascading down the bouquet in all directions - it adds a dreamy movement that pairs perfectly with any minimalist, modern, or whimsical wedding aesthetic. Ultimately, the creative possibilities of a teardrop bouquet are endless - from daring anemone-accented designs to adding fun pops of color with ranunculus and dahlias - so don't be afraid to let your flower dreams come true!

teardrop bouquet

  1. Single Stem

Single stem bouquets are gaining popularity as an elegant yet budget-friendly way to feature wedding flowers. By focusing on one type of flower, pricing becomes more affordable and the beauty lies in its simplicity. For example, tulips can be used to create a single stem bridal bouquet along with white roses or peonies for the bridesmaids. And while they’re ideal for smaller weddings, they’re also perfect for larger ones when used as centerpieces; with glimmering glass vases and multicolored hydrangeas creating stunning tablescapes that won’t fail to leave your guests in awe! So don’t forget to consider this lovely arrangement for your special day.

single stem bouquet

  1. Posy

Dainty and delicate— a posy bouquet is a stunningly elegant and cost-effective option for the bride who wants to make a budget-friendly, yet special statement. This type of bouquet typically features just a few blooms clustered together, making it perfect for smaller, more intimate gatherings. To create this look, you could use monochromatic flowers like white roses, or mix it up with blooms in various colors like lilac and maroon to add some interest. Artificial flowers are always an economical solution — grab clusters of your favorite flowers or fill out the bouquet with blooms such as gypsophila for a fuller look. To complete the look for your wedding venue, consider incorporating flowering branches in your floral wall or line up vases filled with a small group of blooms clustered together to decorate your event space.

posy flower arrangement

  1. Floating

A creative DIY wedding centerpiece is made easy with a stunning floating flower arrangement! One of the most unique and visually magnificent ways to decorate your special day is by suspending your flowers in glass vessels filled with water to get a ‘floating’ effect. Different seasonal or exotic blooms can be used depending on your preference and the time of year, such as soft tulips or dahlias in bloom, vivid ranunculuses or anemones paired with hydrangeas, and even calla lilies with garden roses - the color palette options are endless. Introduce an ethereal ambiance to any reception table with a romantic air and create magical décor using this DIY floral arrangement that will leave guests mesmerized.

floating wedding flowers

Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

If you're looking to preserve your wedding flowers, consider incorporating fake flowers into your floral arrangements. Artificial flowers look nearly identical to real ones and can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. When it comes to real wedding flowers, there are a few steps you can take to help make them last longer. Start by cutting stems at an angle and ensuring they have ample water and nutrients. Arrange your flowers using wet floral foam blocks to keep them looking fresh throughout the event while storing them in a cool area away from direct sunlight will also help with their longevity. Taking these simple measures will help ensure that your gorgeous wedding flowers stay beautiful long after the ceremony is over.

wedding flower bouquet

In conclusion, creating personalized and beautiful flower arrangements for your big day can be a fun and meaningful exercise. Whether you’re making them yourself or ordering from a florist, make sure to choose the right flowers that represent the occasion, arrange them to create an atmosphere of grandeur and beauty, and preserve them so they can last from beginning to end. Hopefully, this post has provided useful tips for those looking to decorate their special occasion with stunning floral touches! If you tried any of our recommendations or have any suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below. Let us know what you think! Here at Efavormart, we love nothing more than helping people craft unforgettable experiences with their loved ones – so let us help you make yours an event worthy of remembrance!