How To Remember A Loved One At A Wedding?

How To Remember A Loved One At A Wedding?


Apart from being one of the most important days of your life, a wedding is also one of the most emotionally charged events that you will ever experience. While this start of a new chapter in life calls for joyous festivities, celebrating your big day without a family member or close friend can imbue sentimental feelings as well. But there is no reason why you can’t honor your deceased loved ones on your wedding day to include them in spirit. So, how to remember a loved one at a wedding? There are plenty of heartfelt ways to commemorate that special someone who is no longer with you—from wearing something that reminds you of them to leaving an empty chair during the ceremony or reserving a seat for them on the head table. But we think setting up a memory table at wedding ceremony or reception with a selection of photographs and meaningful decorations is a subtle yet comforting reminder of loved ones in heaven. Here are some thoughtful memory table setting ideas that’ll help you pay tribute to your dearly departed in the utmost respectful way!

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Go For A Unique Memorial Table Setup

Sure you can turn one of your event tables into a memory table dressing it up with a subtle neutral-colored tablecloth or chiffon table runner, but setting up a unique table will take your memorial table display a step further. Bring a vintage appeal to your wedding decorations with a chic wood & metal tripod table or arrange assorted wooden crates to create a lovely rustic memorial table setup.

Create A Lovely Photo Display

Decorating a memory wedding table with photographs allows both you and your guests to remember the dearly departed friends or relatives throughout the day. Be creative and look for distinctive memory table photo display ideas to make it stand out. Either opt for mismatched photo frames to add gorgeous dimension to your memorial table decorations or attach your photographs to glimmering fairy string lights creatively arranging them on your table to shine a light on your late loved ones.

Kindle Remembrance Candles

Lighting a remembrance candle on the memory table at wedding is a wonderful way to acknowledge the spiritual presence of your lost loved ones. Personalize a long-lasting drip less pillar candle with rhinestones, ribbons, and decorative diamond letter stickers to create an “in loving memory” candle adding a touch of magic to your memorial table display. Position the candle on a mirror or acrylic pedestal box riser etched with a heart touching ode or pair it with a gorgeous candle holder stand and a few votives for a radiant memory wedding table decor.

Incorporate Floral Arrangements

A pretty flower arrangement at the memory table can symbolize the presence of those who are missing at your wedding. Consider flower varieties that were adored by your late loved ones or incorporate flowers that hold a special meaning for your family or you can even pick ones that signify remembrance. Bunch up a mix of silk carnations, faux roses, artificial hydrangeas, silk gardenias, gladiolus flower sprays, and lilies to create a wonderful floral bouquet or arrange them in beautiful vases for alluring memory table centerpieces.

Include A Wedding Memory Table Sign

Displaying a loving memory sign on your table is one of the best ways to pay tribute to your loved ones in heaven. Use plaques, mirrors, wood slices, acrylic plexiglass sheets, hexagon sign holders, or an LED lightbox to inscribe beautiful sayings or perch a metal easel stand beside your memorial table at wedding reception to honor someone you wish could be there with you!

Celebrating the spirit of someone special with a memory table at wedding is no doubt a heartfelt way to honor them during your special day. Highlight your memory table decorations with these inspiring ideas for a traditional gesture of remembrance. Please feel free to share more wedding memorial table ideas in the comments section below!