How Do You Seal Sand Art?

How Do You Seal Sand Art?


Wedding is the special day when your start a brand new episode of your life and celebrate with a blast like you’ve never done before. While you’ve been extremely busy with planning bridal showers and collecting décor ideas, don’t miss out on adding some of your favorite ceremonies to your wedding day. Keep up with the tradition this wedding season and make a beautiful statement with your wedding by making exciting and unique ceremonies a part of your day. Just like every other couple, if you’ve also been impatiently waiting for your wedding unity ceremony, choose to arrange a wedding sand ceremony as an alternative for the usual candle or lantern tradition. This will work as a lovely addition to your big day, especially if you have planned an outdoor wedding as you’ll get rid of the hassle created when candles blow out along with a much beachy vibe. After you are done with your sand ceremony, you would surely want to make this symbol of your love last a lifetime and add visual appeal to your home. If several queries like, “How do you seal sand art?” are popping in your mind, fret not! We’ve rounded up some of the trendiest sand color ideas along with the easiest way to seal your sand art and make memories from your wedding sand ceremony last forever. Read on for amazing inspirations to make your event stand out and gear up to style your dream wedding.

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Dazzling Yellow with Lush Green!

Go for a lively and refreshing color palette for your upcoming nuptial. Induce freshness with radiant hues of sand like lemon yellow sand and appealing green sand for your wedding sand ceremony. Let this combination guide rest of your aesthetics and add on our unique green floral foam spheres along with exquisite yellow pearl beads. Place the hexagon glass jars right in the middle of your table and fill it with several layers of colored sand. Using melted candle wax to seal your sand art is one of the best options. You just have to simply pour it over the top as well as the very end of your jar and let it rest until it hardens so that you can take your innovative sand designs home without any damage.

Subtle Grey with Tranquil Turquoise!

Combine delicate silver grey sand with chic turquoise sand for a minimalistic yet modern wedding sand ceremony. This classy color combination symbolizes elegance and sophistication and effortlessly creates a whimsical ambiance on your big day. To glam up your décor, blend in a charming set of turquoise candle holders along with a magnificent silver cake stand for your desserts. Use a glass jar with a lid to complete your wedding sand ceremony and seal it with colorful sand. To preserve your patterns, use melted glue stick or paraffin wax and pour it over the top layer of sand and allow it to reach the very bottom of the jar. After it has settled and hardened, you can easily take your sand arrangements home and place it in your chosen shelves for an attractive visual appeal.

Outstanding Orange with Blissful Blue!

This wedding season, choose vibrant shades of sand for your wedding sand ceremony, especially if you have a summer outdoor wedding as sunshine surely masters the art of maximizing the beauty of every color. The alluring combination of vivacious coral orange sand and vivid royal blue sand will surely add a colorful detail to your wedding sand ceremony by beautifully blending into each other. Enhance your wedding décor by using an exquisite royal blue satin tablecloth over your tabletops and place radiant orange silk roses in your favorite vases. Fill layers of sand in clear glass jars and in order to preserve your style make sure you completely fill the container till the very top, leaving no space between the top layer of sand and the lid so that your designs remain the same and reach home safely without mixing in one another.

Select your favorite hues of sand for your sand ceremony and spread bright splashes of color on your special day. Make your wedding sand ceremony mesmeric and exuberant with these cheerful color combinations.