What Kind Of Fabric Is Best For Tablecloths?

What Kind Of Fabric Is Best For Tablecloths?


Although a tablecloth is primarily used to protect the table from scratches and spills, it is also a significant decor accessory that helps add a pop of color and style to your tablescape. Whether you’re hosting a formal event or just a casual family dinner party, using the right kind of table linen can boost your decor aesthetics to the next level. Apart from the different styles and designs, table covers come in a variety of fabric materials as well. So, if you’re wondering what type of fabric is best for tablecloths, we’ve ironed out all the options for you to help you decide for yourself! Read on and learn the benefits and drawbacks of each fabric material!



Cotton tablecloths are the most durable and sustainable option out of the lot. They are highly absorbent which protects the table surface from spill damage. Cotton tablecloths are quite easy to care for and can be machine washed multiple times without losing their pristine charm. This tight weaved fabric holds embroidery well and can also be dyed into a myriad of colors to complement your color scheme and theme. Cotton linen tablecloths are an excellent choice for dining tables, kitchen tables, and even outdoor tables.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is a bit shinier and silkier compared to cotton but it is the ideal, go-to fabric for event designing. It can be dyed in rich and vivid colors and is machine washable. Polyester tablecloths are quite affordable and are less prone to fading than natural fibers, even after many washing cycles making them the perfect tablecloths for multiple uses. These table linens are also wrinkle resistant which makes them the easiest to maintain. You can use polyester tablecloths for weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions giving your party tables a formal and classy appeal.


A highly lustrous fabric material—satin is made from synthetic materials like polyester which makes it another inexpensive option. The silky, glossy fabric drapes well and reflects light in the utmost surreal way that adds just the perfect amount of glitz and glam to your event design. Although a satin tablecloth is pretty durable, it does require slight care to maintain its look. Use satin fabric tablecloths to drape tables at formal events such as weddings and engagement parties exuding an alluring yet elegant flair.


A vinyl tablecloth is easy to maintain and works well for casual occasions, such as picnics, bbq parties and other outdoor events. It is a water resistant material that offers easy clean up and shows great resistance against weather, stains, and sunlight. Vinyl & plastic table covers come in a variety of colors and patterns; however, they are considered cheap and are not the preferred option for formal setups.

As you can see, different fabrics offer different benefits, thus to determine which fabric is best for tablecloths, you need to consider your purpose of using table covers to make the right choice. Efavormart offers a stupendous range of premium tablecloths at affordable prices to help you achieve your desired result without burning a hole in your pocket. Browse through our tablecloth collection now and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!