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700W Photography Softbox Lighting Kit Photo Equipment Soft Studio Light kit - 27 x 20"

Item Number: PHOTO_LGT_002


  • Photo Portrait Studio Lighting Kits

  • 2 x Light Holder with Softbox Reflector ( SF51F)

  • 2 x 86" Tall High Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand

  • Adjustable to Min 53" - Maximum 80"

  • 2 x 85W CFL 6500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light Bulb

  • 1 x Convenient Carry Case

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This light stand is easy to set up and features lock system for quick and easy usage. Softbox are a great addition to any photography lightning kit. Perfect day Light Bulbs are super bright, perfect for lighting an entire room, a photo-shoot or a video production. Modern spiral shape coupled with bright illumination, make these bulbs perfect for Professional Photography. This professional softbox lighting kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, photographic reproduction and photography lighting.

Package Includes :

(2) Light Holder with Softbox Reflector ( SF51F), (2) 86" Tall High Quality Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand, (2) 85W CFL 6500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light Bulb , (1) Convenient Carry Case

    • Made of high quality nylon
    • Size: 27" x 20" large soft box
    • Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting
    • Uses Max Up to 85W E26 Light Bulb
    • Code & Plug included (9 ft.)
    • Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
    • 2 Levels Light Control Available
    • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
    • Indutrial Standard Mounting Stud
    • Solid Locking System For Light Safety
    • Height adjustable Min 53" - Max 80"
    • Energy Saving Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
    • Saves energy up to 80%
    • Regular Screw Base
    • Color Temperature: 6500K
    • Watts: 85W - Equals to 350W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output
    • Style: Spiral
    • Lamp Tone: Day Light
    • Overall Diameter: 4"
    • Overall Length: 11"
    • Convenient Carry Case
    • Premium Quality Nylon Material