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Paper & Burlap Flowers Wholesale these centerpieces are perfect to match your wedding flowers. Also great for a forever floral for your home or office, bridal showers, or any other event with our Paper & Burlap Flowers Wholesale! Use them as centerpieces, place them in mason jars along your ceremony aisle, or use them to decorate your home with a variety of Paper Flower, Mini Paper Flowers, Giant Paper Flowers and Burlap Flowers With Stems.

Paper & Burlap Flowers are simple and eye-catching floral embellishments that are perfect for craft enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages, also for all your wedding decor, wedding DIY ideas. If you’re into timeless beauty and elegance, look no further than our papercraft burlap flowers bulk on sale. Handcrafted with utmost precision and intricacy, our artificial blooms stand out by their life-like appearance and affordable prices.

Looking to beautify your favors, bouquets, or garlands with inexpensive small paper flower wedding decorations? Our Mini Paper Flowers will transform even the most ordinary DIY projects into a true feast for the eyes. For your whimsical banquet table or chair adornments, paper flower backdrops, or home decor, choose from our Paper Flower or Burlap Flowers With Stems both are great for a forever floral for your home or office, bridal showers, or any other event.

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