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Taffeta Pintuck Fabric

For those who wish for an extravagant wedding with minimal maintenance – we offer pintuck taffeta fabric. You get a classy look for your banquet that is long-lasting too. We provide you pintuck fabric by the yard to help you to manage your party decor with ease.

At, we present fabric pintuck in several vibrant colors. Now, you can create stunning effects at the event with your creative color combinations. The pintuck fabric bolt - white is mandatory for creating that traditional look. This color blends in with your other decor effortlessly and portrays a majestic feel. You can enhance this look by accentuating your ceilings, windows, and arches with pintuck fabric bolt - silver that has a shimmer of its own. Go ahead and complete the regal look with chair sashes, table runners and party favors made with pintuck fabric bolt – gold. Your guests will be impressed by the grandeur of your party celebrations.

We also offer pintuck fabric bolt – royal blue to create an inviting aura for your guests. You can add on the brightness of pintuck fabric bolt – fuchsia to complete the vibrant look. You may use it as a backdrop or swathe the chairs and tables with it – based on the extent of subtlety you are aiming for in your celebrations. It does not matter what the theme of your party is – as this Taffeta Pintuck Fabric by the yard and taffeta fabric by the yard trendy colors will easily match any kind of reception decoration!

Our pintuck fabric wholesale and taffeta fabric by the yard allows you to impart a decorative effect as you cover the walls and ceilings of your venue with it. You can see how the squared pattern of the pintuck taffeta fabric imbues a unique elegance of its own. Visit us today and bring this beautiful fabric home to decorate your party venue with it!

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