12 Pack Clear Acrylic Diamond LED Tealight Candle Holder Sets, Warm White Battery Operated Whiskey Glass Votive Candle Lamps 3"

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Quantity: 12 LED Candle Holder Sets
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
LED Color: Warm White
Style: LED Tealight Candle In Acrylic Diamond Whiskey Glass
Overall Size: 2.75"H x 2.25"Dia.
Power Source: 3xLR1130 Battery Powered
Batteries Included: Yes
Function: On/Off Switch (located at the base)
Features: High quality, durable, stable, easy to clean and maintain.


Clear Acrylic Diamond Pattern Candles with Holders

Step into a world of mesmerizing brilliance with our clear diamond pattern-led votive candles with holders, where elegance meets innovation in the most enchanting way possible! Picture yourself in a realm of warm, flickering glow, accentuated by the stunning diamond pattern that adorns each candle holder, casting captivating patterns of light and shadow. Embrace the timeless charm of these battery-operated whiskey glass-style candle lamps and elevate your surroundings to a realm of sophistication and allure.


Warm White Long-Lasting LED Votive Candles

Illuminate your space with the allure of traditional candlelight, minus the hassle and safety concerns, as these LED votive candles provide a radiant warm white glow that perfectly mimics the real thing. Their battery-operated functionality ensures you can create a cozy atmosphere wherever your heart desires, without being bound by the limitations of cords or open flames. Whether you're setting the mood for a romantic dinner, a serene bath, or a lively gathering, these candle lamps will effortlessly elevate the ambiance, leaving a trail of wonder and enchantment in their wake.


Clear Whisky Glass Flameless Tea Light Candle Holder

Crafted with attention to detail, each Clear Diamond Pattern LED Votive Candle Holder exudes a timeless elegance that complements any decor style. The whiskey glass-inspired design adds a touch of sophistication, while the clear diamond pattern lends a hint of whimsy to the overall aesthetic. Place these captivating candle lamps on your tabletops, shelves, or even as a centerpiece, and watch as they breathe life into your space, infusing it with a warm, inviting glow that beckons you to unwind and savor the magic of the moment. Let the dance of light and the allure of diamonds envelop your surroundings, as these battery-operated votive candles gracefully illuminate your world.


Additional Information:

  • LED Tealight Candle is not removable
  • Order is for LED candles with holders only, other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Uses: Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Birthday Party and all the romantic places.