24 Pack | 3.5oz Clear Plastic Mini Party Bowl, Lid and Spoon Set, Disposable Dessert or Breakfast Cups

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Item Includes:

  • 24x Dessert Cups
  • 24x Lids
  • 24x Spoons
  • Material: Plastic
    Color: Clear
    Style: Transparent Plastic Cups w/ Lids & Spoons
    Capacity: 3.5oz
    Total Size: 3.25"W x 2"H
    Cup Size: 3"W x 1.5"H
    Spoon Size: 4"L x 0.75"W
    Perfect for serving bite-sized tapas, appetizers, snacks, fruits and desserts
    Disposable for easy cleanup


    Clear Plastic Mini Party Bowl, Lid and Spoon Set

    Delight your guests with our convenient and sophisticated Clear Plastic Dessert Cups with Lids and Spoons! Made of quality plastic, these cups are perfect for all kinds of desserts. Their versatility lets you use them for different dishes at each party, event or gathering. The disposable design also makes it easy to clean up after a night of good food and conversation. Plus, the lid ensures that all your delicious creations stay safe and fresh!


    Disposable Dessert or Breakfast Cups

    Get the perfect portion size in each cup while providing guests with style and convenience. These disposable cups are the perfect solution for any dinner party or get-together! The lid makes it ideal for on-the-go snacking while the included spoon allows you to have a stress-free setup wherever you are. This lightweight yet sturdy product is perfect for your catering service or just hosting friends at home.


    Mini Plastic Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

    Present desserts professionally with Clear Plastic Dessert Cups with lid and spoon. Perfect for catering, receptions, parties and more, these clear plastic dessert cups are a great way to serve up a variety of mouthwatering treats. Whether you’re serving, ice cream, parfaits, trifles, mousses, pudding, or fruit cups—these disposable plastic cups will provide stylish presentation that won’t leave you worrying about the clean-up! The included lids ensure the food stays fresh and secure. These versatile cups can also be used for nuts, candies or snacks at a lunch or health bar. shop clear plastic dessert cups with lid and spoon to benefit from their easy portability, convenience and stunning visual appeal!


    Additional Information:

    • WARNING: Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe
    • Listing is for Dessert Cups With Lids and Spoons. Other accessories are not included.
    • Uses: Wedding, Party, Banquet, Home, Picnic and Outdoor Disposable Dinnerware