Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet "S" Letter Stickers DIY Crafts 4"

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Size: 4"


Quantity: 1 Letter Sticker
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Total Height: 4"
Total Width: 2.5"
Rhinestone Diameter: 2mm
Self Adhesive: Yes


Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet 'S' Letter Stickers for DIY Crafts

Add a touch of elegance and glamour to your crafts and decorations with our Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet 'S' Letter Stickers. These stunning stickers feature a shimmering glitter surface and sparkling rhinestone accents, creating a dazzling effect that will surely catch everyone's attention. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a wedding, or any other special event, these letter stickers are perfect for adding a personalized touch to your décor.

Crafted from high-quality plastic with a black glittery surface, these letter stickers are not only visually appealing but also durable. The self-adhesive backing makes them easy to use – simply peel off the backing and stick them wherever you want to add a dash of regal radiance. Create customized messages, banners, and wishes that will impress your guests and make your event truly memorable.

These Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet 'S' Letter Stickers are not just for events and parties. They are also great for DIY crafts and home decorations. Use them to personalize photo frames, scrapbooks, notebooks, and more. Let your creativity shine with these versatile letter stickers that can transform ordinary items into extraordinary works of art. With their timeless elegance and eye-catching design, these stickers are sure to become a favorite addition to your crafting supplies.

Versatile and Stylish Alphabet Stickers for Any Celebration

Our Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet 'S' Letter Stickers are not limited to a specific theme or occasion. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for various celebrations and events. Whether you're planning a baby shower, a gender reveal party, or a birthday celebration, these alphabet stickers will add a touch of sparkle and charm to your decorations.

Made from high-quality plastic, these letter stickers feature a glittery surface and sparkling rhinestone embellishments. The black color adds a sophisticated touch to any décor, making them suitable for both girls' and boys' events. Create stunning backdrops, banners, and signs that will impress your guests and make your celebration truly memorable.

In addition to their use in event decorations, these alphabet stickers are also perfect for creating personalized baby room decorations. Spell out your little one's name on the wall or decorate their furniture with these stylish letter stickers. They are easy to apply and remove, allowing you to change the design whenever you want. Let your imagination run wild and create a space that is as unique as your child.

Elevate Your Event Decor with Black Decorative Rhinestone Stickers

When it comes to event decorations, every detail matters. Our Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet 'S' Letter Stickers are the perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to your special occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, these shiny letters will elevate your decor and create a truly memorable atmosphere.

The black color of these letter stickers adds a sense of elegance and luxury to any setting. The glittery surface and sparkling rhinestone accents catch the light, creating a mesmerizing effect that will impress your guests. Use them to create stunning table centerpieces, decorate gift boxes, or personalize party favors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating these decorative stickers into your event decor.

Not only are these letter stickers perfect for event decorations, but they are also great for craft projects. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional crafter, these stickers will inspire your creativity. Use them to embellish greeting cards, create unique jewelry pieces, or add a touch of sparkle to your scrapbooking projects. With their versatility and timeless appeal, these letter stickers are a must-have for anyone who loves to create.

Additional Information:

  • Uses: Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Gift Wrapping, Embellish, Decoration, Photo Albums, Invitations, Souvenirs, Ornaments, Diaries, Wallet, Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Slogans, Scrapbooks, Room, Office, School Decorations, Dessert Table Decorations, DIY Crafts.


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      real user review Black Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet
      Wonderful service. Timely delivery.
      Carolyn W.
      Verified Buyer
      Simple yet beautiful
      These were exactly what we were looking for the final touch. I’m so glad you guys carry them. Thank you.
      Joanna R.
      Verified Buyer
      Great product!!!!!
      real user review Black Decorative Rhinestone Number
      This stuck on felt no problem for my centerpiece project for our fundraiser. Definitely would recommend this product.
      lauren d.
      Verified Buyer
      They are very beautiful however they are a challenge as far as applying. You really have to be precise and task specific. Once on no changing! Must be prolific
      Carolyn B.
      Verified Buyer