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60 Silk Iris Flowers - Red

Item Number: ARTI_1410_REDx12


  • These beautiful silk iris flowers can be easily used with other flowers to create an elegant setting, no matter what the occasion is.
  • 60 irises in all; 12 bushes; 5 flowers per bush
  • Top to Bottom Height: Approx 13"
  • Individual flower height: Approx 2"-3" x width: Approx. 3"-5"
  • Leaves can be move up and down the stems
  • Flowers are detachable from stems
  • Accented with baby breath
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers

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Give a bump to your day to turn it fresh as an iris by gilding our long lasting silk iris flowers at your home. efavormart now puts up its premium quality colored silk iris flowers for its valuable customers. Since iris is the flower of happiness, peace and trust, efavormart also encourages to unfold the essence of happiness associated with beauty and heaven by inducting variety of silk iris flowers in various colors for your decorations. Now you can feel a glow of real contentment by beautifying your room, lounge, home with silk iris flowers either on any occasion or on just a regular day. Its your turn to get with the program!

Additional Information:

-60 irises in all; 12 bushes; 5 flowers per bush
-Top to Bottom Height: Approx 13''
-Individual flower height: Approx 2-3'' x width: Approx. 3-5''
-leaves can be move up and down the stems
-flowers are detachable from stems
-accented with baby breath