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Champagne Flutes


These elegant acrylic champagne flutes are perfect for your favor or drinking use. Simply one piece plastic champagne flute with candies or chocolates, embellish with lovely wrapping of circle tulle and tie it with a flower or personalized ribbon for a personalized touch. The clear-cut appearance of these cheapest plastic champagne flutes exhibit their stunning excellence. A champagne flutes plastic bulk is stylish and classy way to enhance the sophistication of your wedding, reception, parties, and other happy moments.

Made of durable polystyrene, this elegant acrylic champagne flutes gives you superior strength and durability without the hefty cost and risk of breakage that comes with cheapest plastic champagne flutes. Thanks to its one piece plastic champagne flute design, this glass can easily be assembled by simply placing the bottom of the stem into the slotted base to enable fast, efficient service.

Boasting a acrylic champagne flutes with clear base, this glass's clear, fine-cut crystal appearance expertly showcases your signature bubbling beverages. Perfect for champagne flutes plastic bulk and sparkling punch, you can add these acrylic champagne flutes festive touch to holiday parties and birthday celebrations.

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