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Champagne & Wine Glasses

Always celebrate in style! Beautiful wedding decor has to be complemented with tall champagne flutes. At, we provide sturdy plastic glasses for serving wines, champagne and mixed drinks – making them perfect for a festive setting. These pretty champagne flute glasses that are an easy substitute for glass - allowing you to enjoy your party carefree.

Our trendy glassware will add elegance to your grand soiree and relieve you of hassles too. Serve your guests in glittered champagne flutes disposable glasses that add a sparkle to the reception while you do not have to bother about cleaning up broken glass afterwards. Simply use and throw away our gold glittered clear plastic champagne glasses as they are meant to be disposed after single use – you do not have to wash them afterwards. Our silver glittered champagne toast flutes are also light-weight – so that your guests do not mistake them for glass!

Our crystal disposable shot glass ensures that cleanup becomes easy for you once the party is over. These glasses do not shatter if they are dropped! But convenience does not have to come at the cost of elegance as our silver imperial design disposable wine glasses make any drink appear tempting! Add glamour to your event with our crystal plastic disposable martini glass that is affordable, durable and chic!

We offer round champagne glasses that can be used for serving drinks or desserts. All our products are made from high-quality material to ensure that your guests are treated royally at the party. It does not matter what design of champagne glasses you are looking for – you will find all of them here!

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