Plastic Tablecloth

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Plastic Tablecloth

Tables are the focal point of any décor. With proper tablecloths and table accessories, you can take the elegance of you ambiance to the next level. Combining class with convenience, our collection of plastic tablecloths is ideal to cover your tables indoors and outdoors to protect them from damages and spills.

Available in plethora of colours and designs, it is extremely easy to choose perfect colour and texture that best suit the theme of your events. Inexpensive and versatile, these waterproof, wrinkle-free, and spill-proof Plastic Tablecloths offer excellent protection. It is a stylish yet convenient way to drape buffet tables and kitchen tables.

Our Vinyl Waterproof Tablecloth gives durability and protection against spills and stains. Moreover, you do not have to waste money and time to launder these waterproof and disposable table covers. Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth available in different colours are perfect choice for picnics or cowboy themed decors. It brings class and elegance to your tables. These tablecloths can be used for indoor as well as outdoor parties, picnics, feasts, catering, banquets, home dining or any celebration which calls for more fun and less prepping stress. Save yourself from extra work and post party stress with these disposable plastic tablecloths.

At efavormart, we aim to accommodate your tablecloth needs to glam your tables at pocket friendly prices. Feel free to check our store for other décor needs like backdrops, lanterns, candles or favor boxes etc. Visit us to make an ideal choice as early as possible. 

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